Wednesday, March 11, 2009

DJ Black The Best of Three 6 Mafia and HCP - Chopped & Screwed [2005]

01. Intro [DJ Black, DJ paul & Juicy J]
02. Interlude [DJ Black]
03. Who I Am [Frayser Boy, Boogie Mane, Chrome & DJ Black]
04. Interlude [DJ Black]
05. Who I Is [Three 6 Mafia feat. TrillVille & Lil Wyte]
06. Freestyle [DJ Black & Shorty]
07. Slob on My Knob [Juicy J]
08. Interlude [DJ Black]
09. Azz Clap [Project Pat feat. Juvenile]
10. Interlude [Juicy J]
11. Who Gives a Fuck Where U Come From [Intro] [DJ Paul]
12. Who Gives a Fuck Where U Come From [Remix] [DJ Paul & Lil' Wyte]
13. Get the Fuck Out My Face [Three 6 Mafia feat. Fiend]
14. Fuck That Shit [Three 6 Mafia]
15. Sippin on Syrup [Three 6 Mafia feat. UGK & Project Pat]
16. Where Is Da' Bud [Lord Infamous]
17. We Gon Rumble [Project Pat]
18. Interlude [Project Pat]
19. Still Gettin My Dick Sucked [DJ Paul]
20. Weak Azz Bitch [Three 6 Mafia feat. La' Chat]
21. Ridin Spinnaz [DJ Paul & Juicy J]
22. Dis Bitch Dat Ho [Project Pat feat. Ludacris, Grandaddy Souf & Cruchy Black]
23. I Got Dat Drank [Frayser Boy feat. Mike Jones & Paul Wall]

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